Eaglexpress Air Charter Sdn Bhd is a private, global Umrah/Hajj charter operator, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We serve 19 destinations with Umrah and Hajj flights to Saudi Arabia, from North Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.

Our main clients are Saudi Arabian Airlines (SaudiaA) and Nas Charter of NAS Holdings in Saudi Arabia (NAS). SaudiaA is the largest aircraft wet lessee in the world.

Eaglexpress is one of only four Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance (ACMI) lessors for SaudiaA for the current 2015 Umrah/Hajj season.

Eaglexpress is the only charter airline that is flying charters for both SaudiaA and NAS.

The airline also provides air cargo and freight charters, plus holiday, business and conference charters.

Eaglexpress was incorporated in August 2011. We were granted an Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) and Aircraft Service Permit (ASP) to operate non-scheduled air services (passenger and cargo) in August 2012 by Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation.  The airline employs more than 300 staff, mostly based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Our current fleet includes four B747-400 aircraft, with a further two to be added in 2016. An A330-200 aircraft service will also begin in late 2015. By the end of 2019, Eaglexpress plans to have 30 aircraft operating (a combination of six B747-400, 12 A330-200 and 12 B737-800).